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6 years Old Girl Invites The Queen To Her Birthday Party And Gets A Response From Her Majesty


A 6 year old schoolgirl who invited the Queen to her birthday party got a delightful response. Melissa Poll made a card for the Queen congratulating her on becoming the longest reigning monarch- but complained that she hadn’t been allowed into Buckingham Palace.

The 6 year old and her little sister recently visited Buckingham Palace on a family trip, but because of an ongoing strike there was no time to queue up to get inside.

So she wrote to the Queen explaining she was disappointed she could not go inside the palace and also invited the monarch to her birthday party which will take place this month.


It was posted to Buckingham Palace and within a few days Melissa received a response from the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The letter personally thanked Melissa for the card and included an apology she could not attend the birthday party.

It read: “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter in which you tell Her Majesty about your disappointment at not being able to tour the State Apartments at Buckingham Palace.

“Her Majesty was sorry to hear that you and your grandmother tried twice to see inside the palace and that, for various reasons, you were unlucky.”

“Although unable to come to your birthday party, the Queen greatly appreciated your kind thought for her, and I hope you have a lovely time with your family and friends on September 27.

“I am to thank you too for your kind thought in writing about the forthcoming splendid milestone in Her Majesty’s reign.”

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