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7 Of The Most Educated African Leaders



Robert Mugabe

Let’s begin with indestructible old Uncle Bob and his impressive list of honours, shall we?

He kicked off with a BA in English and history at the University of Fort Hare all the way back in 1951.

Degrees in administration and education followed from the University of South Africa, before completing Batchelor’s and Master’s in both law and science at the University of London.

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Ameenah Gurib

The first female president of Mauritius is a multi-award winning biodiversity scientist.

She learned her trade in England – studying for her chemistry degree at the University of Surrey, before coming away from Exeter University with a PhD in organic chemistry.

Peter Mutharika

Malawi’s president is known around the world for his expertise in international justice.

He graduated from the University of London with a degree in law, before going on to secure his LL.M (more law) and JSD (even more law) at the prestigious Yale University over in America.

Mutharika even passed on some of his knowledge officially, working as a professor for many years at universities in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and the USA.

King Mohammed VI

2002 World Summit, Johannesburg, South Africa
The king stands tall on a visit to South Africa

The king of Morocco went to the university that bears his grandfather’s name in Agdal, Rabat, to study for his Batchelor’s degree in law.

He fancied a trip over the Mediterranean to southern France for his PhD, though, attending the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The 2011 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize graduated with an associate degree in accounting from the Madison Business College, Wisconsin, in the USA.

And that’s not all as she gained her Master’s in public administration at the John F Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Just what any self-respecting future president of Liberia requires.

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Alassane Ouattara

The president of Ivory Coast gained a Batchelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania’s Drexel University .

He topped that up with a Master’s AND a PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania before answering the distress call of his nation’s founding father, Felix Houphouet-Boigny.

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Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

IBK, as the cool kids call him, did his schooling in Paris before enrolling at the University of Dakar and Pantheon-Sorbonne University, back in France.

He came out of all that with a Master’s in history, plus a couple more degrees in political science and international relations. It’s almost as if he knew he would become president of Mali one day.

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