8 year-old Senna, has some pretty powerful and inspirational things to say despite her young age. What she had to say at a TEDx event in Encinitas, CA, blew the audience away.

In her speech she covers the idea of how to turn “Lemons to Lemonade.” She elaborates on the idea that we all can change something sour into something sweet; if we take the steps to do so.

Senna started her speech by elaborating on an event that sparked it all. One day while visiting the beach with her family, she noticed something wrong with the sea lion pups. She could see that they were starving and dying; it devastated her.

Although she was upset, she was determined to help. She then took the initiative and created a fundraiser. She also traveled to different events to spread the awareness of the starving sea lion pups. In time people took notice of her cause and the began to find solutions.

What this little girl has accomplished is something that anyone at any age can aspire to.

Source: Texdx Talks

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