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A dig into the archive: Guess who?



Young President Robert Mugabe on his wedding day to his first wife Sarah Francesca Mugabe. She was the First Lady of Zimbabwe from 1987 until her death in 1992. She was popularly known as Amai in Zimbabwe.

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  1. I do respect Mugabe so much among other Afreecan leaders,he brought us through some difficult times and stood against repression,corruption,colonialists and thieves of all kinds being an example in the world…but when a leader is capable of staying for 30 years and more without creating an opportunity for a young generation to come over and continue a legacy he did establish and the nation he did believe will prosper even when he is gone,then that’s a failure to some extent…he needed to establish institutions and youths to be able to step out and monitor them,not just be the only one to stand where you stood three decades ago,that’s not development…#Afreecan better learn that we work together and believe in one another,we will see prosperity and attain our standards of the life we all wish…Pamoja Tunaweza


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