Africa-America Women Are Ranked The Most Educated In America In Both Race & Gender!

_Black Women Are Ranked The Most Educated In America In Both Race & Gender

Black women have surpassed any other group in both race and gender by having the highest percentage that is the most educated. The National Center of Education Statistics has reported by the US Census state that black women have the highest numbers for enrollment in college. Read more on the story and check out the video after the jump!

The video below explains the 9.7% mark that states that black women are #1. In the video Janks Morton questions people’s reactions to the data and says that this is history in the making. Morton says, “I’m here to tell you today that African-American women and African-American men today are holding up the lamp that has always been a testament to blacks in this country. We have always valued education.” Another report from the 2014 Black Women’s Roundtable says that African-American woman are at the top of the polls in voter turnout among women.

Wow! Check out the video after the jump! 


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