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Africa of then VS Africa of now, what is the difference?


When we see African women at the airport dancing and singing for IMF and world bank leaders, when we see fellow young Africans beating their chest proud of how their government are securing loans from IMF and world bank, can’t help to wonder how lost this continent is and makes us very sad.

Anyone who believes that IMF or world bank is trying to develop their country should think twice. IMF and world bank thrive on sustainable poverty and poor economies. If all developing countries suddenly develop, the institutions like IMF and world bank would cease to exist.

Africa is IMF and world bank’s number 1 client, they keep giving us loans they know we can’t finish paying back in hundreds of years, thereby enslaving us to modern day slavery (Debt) and they are milking us dry while we clap, swoon over them and parade our semi-naked women at the airports to sing and welcome them.

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Source: Africlandpost, Edited by Africa Updates

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  1. this critique is excellent , EXCEPT the stupid part about naked women, women and sex have nothing to do with economics and imperialism. you Africans need to stop worrying about silly stuff the christian / muslim invaders have put in your mind and worry about educating your people. there aint no damn god or if there is he sure as hell dont seem to like you!!! so you better get to work on the REAL stuff like science, education and thinking instead of stupid imaginary god (s) stuff (including your original gods and the invaders gods!!!

  2. Composted constitute a tremendous and joyous affirmation’ all the more remarkable because of the African circumstances to whom the need to testify to the truth is greater even then the desire for life


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