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African leaders steal over $50billion annually, says German parliament


Andres Lammei, a lawmaker and chairman, Working Group on Africa of the CDU/CSU in the Federal Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, has said that the legislative arm in Nigeria and other African countries are not duly respected by the executive.

Lammei made this statement yesterday while receiving in audience some select state parliamentarians and parliamentary staff from Nigeria at the Bundestag, Parliamentary Building in Berlin, Germany. He noted his observation and concerns over the ‘$50 billion’ that often disappeared from the treasury of governments across Africa annually, saying that that would always impede development in the county.

The lawmaker, who revealed that he doesn’t envy the African legislature, ‘giving the state of affairs’, also noted that most African embassies in Germany are not doing enough to change the Germans’ perception of the continent; for this reason, he revealed that the team of lawmakers he is in charge of is on a study tour of German parliament, organised by the Konrad Adnauer Stiftung, a German NGO with Country Office in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is on our itinerary next year. We will be paying a visit to the parliament. Africa’s parliaments are not too good; they are not well equipped, their rights are not respected. In fact they are confronted with major bureaucratic bottlenecks by operators in the executive. Government should keep improving on financial resources for an effective parliament.

No country in the world is interested in making parliaments work. Honestly, I don’t envy African MPs giving the state of affairs in their countries. We need to raise awareness of opportunities in Africa rather than disasters. Unfortunately, African ambassadors here in Germany are not helping matters. Although, some of them are active and even visit us here in the parliament, quite a large chunk of them are not,” the lawmaker added.

The lawmaker, who said his group was made up of lawmakers with passion for African development, however, lamented that the rate of corruption remained a major challenge to effectively realising their goals for Africa.
He said;

“It gives me a grave concern, if the number is right as obtained in the press, that $50billion disappears in Nigeria and across Africa annually.  The question is, how much does Africa even get as development aid? Many African leaders and politicians invest in other countries. A friend of mine did an album of houses owned by an African in a country. This must stop if the right investments are to come. This is corruption.  When I talk to German businessmen about investing in Africa, they often show me the Corruption Index of these countries.

“In Germany, corruption is illegal, as 95% of our businesses are made up mainly of small and medium scale. Families will go and invest only where there is legal security where business is safe,” the lawmaker added.

In closing remarks, KAS Director in Nigeria, Hildegard Behrendt-Kigozi, said the tour was part of efforts being made by the Foundation to help deepen democracy in Nigeria.

According to her, the choice of participants in the programme was informed by the fact that legislature is the centre piece of democratic nation.

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  1. The legislature in most African countries represent the political parties from where they originate. Though technically they represent constituents, in parliament they vote for ‘for or against’ on issues depending on whether they are in government or opposition. This invariably compromises Parliament’s role of monitoring the executive. Under such circumstances corruption is extended from the executive through the legislature and the judiciary. Parliamentary democracy in Africa will require further devolution of power to local community non governmental organs. All the 3 arms of government require as such this ‘watchdog’.

    1. Well noted. It is unfortunate ambassadors of Africa do little to redeem the images of their respectively countries in their host countries. These diplomats as so called are appointed not by independent parliaments but by a governing political party to represent her in another country. Even if he or she identities wrongs in that particular government, he or she only keeps quiet and pretends not to notice if he or she does not like the disgrace being caused. However, however, if this fellow enjoys those wrongs he or she will parade in defense of her corrupt policies and acts. We practice a system where in theory we are told of checks but in practice if a government is corrupt then all the arms of government will also be corrupt. Sometimes it announced of African richest men and women. Yet it is only the European philanthropist we hear of. These riches, how ever means they are gotten are invested in more material artifacts that will give them ‘at the moment’ pleasure. Our leaders feel they merit all the rewards of leadership and therefore they tend to forget all others who came before and will come after them. They dig as much, they extract as more to please the generations now while they pal up investments in foreign banks for their children.

  2. Corruption is not an African sickness but the West tags African leaders as corrupt and intolerant leaders simply because there are no state mechanisms to check corrupt acts on the continent. Of course, our leaders are corrupt to some clear and obvious extent but do we say that there is no corruption in the West? They will always downplay our continent due to the fact our leaders are not committed to serving their people.
    Let me reiterate again that corruption is not only an African sickness but worldwide menace. So the question is, why does the west attach to us with that “acronym”? The West must stop being hypothetical and leave our continent alone.

  3. Why then is the world still giving support to Afican governments ? If they want to support and develop Africa, they need to get involved directly with the people or nothing.
    And now many African leaders wants to quite the International Criminal Court …. so they can steal en kill more …?


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