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Again! Another man gets stuck inside best friend’s wife (Video)


Just when we thought we have seen it all, here is another man who got stuck inside his best friend’s wife while they were having sex. The embarrassing incident reportedly occurred in Kenya, where similar occurrences have occurred.

In the video shared by Ebals News, the man was performing doggy sex style with the woman when they got stuck.
While crying in pains, the pair attracted a large crowd who then moved them out from the room wrapped in a sheet.
The woman’s husband is said to have served a witchdoctor’s concoction to his wife, who unknowingly took it and in turn exposed herself.
Watch the video below…

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  1. Pple they should learn to respect. Its good to get stuck to someone’s because the real husband need evidence. Don’t touch a married woman & its a good lesson to other pple.


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