Amazing! Fish with Arabic inscriptions on it caught (photos)

Pictures of a fish which has an Arabic inscription on it has been discovered.

Although the location isn’t known, the fish has an inscription which when translated to English language means, ‘There is nothing deserved to be worshiped except Allah (God)”. The animal has however been tagged ”Fish that bears the name of God” as it extols the existence of God almighty, according to many who believe it wasn’t just a mere coincidence that a fish has those beautiful write-ups on it.

See the photos below:

Fish with Arabic inscriptions on it (photos)

Fish with Arabic inscriptions on it (photos)

Just days ago, two Moringa trees in the same street became tourist sites when Arabic inscriptions were found of them. The Arabic inscriptions are believed to be names of Allah. The sudden appearance of Arabic inscriptions on Moringa trees in two Christian homes has turned their area to a tourist centre as thousands troop in to pray.

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