An incredible video shows two men with jetpacks streaking through the air next to the world's largest passenger jet over Dubai

Two men have taken to the skies to accomplish what many can only dream of – flying in formation with a jet plane.

Jetman Dubai – Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet – joined the Emirates A380 over the Palm Juneirah and Dubai skyline for a showcase of how far the world of aviation has come.

The routine may appear effortless but it involved meticulous planning to keep everyone safe.

The stunt saw the A380 – the world’s largest passenger jet – flying at 4,000ft in two holding patterns.

Jetman Dubai, pilots of the smallest jet-propelled wings, were then deployed from a helicopter flying 1,500ft above the Emirates jet.

They then conducted formations on both sides of the aircraft against the backdrop of a Dubai sunset before breaking away from the plane.

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