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Could you believe, that somebody drew this? Oresegun Olumide is one world class realistic painter to ever grace planet earth

Could you believe, that somebody drew this? Oresegun Olumide is one world class realistic painter to ever grace planet earth. Nigeria is really a country where potentials are ignored.

Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan wins African leadership Person of the Year award

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has won the African Leadership Magazine Person of the Year, 2015. Jonathan defeated APC National chairman, Bola Tinubu, founder of ECONET wireless Strive Masiyiwa, former UBA Chairman Tony Elumulelu, President, African Development Bank Akinwumi Adesina and Koffi Anan, former UN secretary general to win the award. Jonathan’s victory was disclosed in […]

Did You Know This South African is the First Black Woman To Launch an Airline in the World?

The airline industry is a brutal business. One that features many failures by start ups and everyone expects this trend to continue. However, one black woman is unphased by the skepticism and failure rate of the industry. Siza Mzimela of South Africa became the first black woman to start and launch an airline company. September […]

If Africa Is So Rich, Why Is It So Poor?

They call it the Curse of Riches. Although the African continent is blessed with gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, bauxite, uranium, iron ore and other valuable resources, its inhabitants have long numbered among the world’s poorest. While a few sub-Saharan African nations are doing relatively well, most are mired in poverty. That a country’s abundant natural […]

MUST READ: 10 Success Stories Of People Who Refused To Quit Pursuing Their Dreams

1. MARK CUBAN Until 25, a bartender at his own bar. Currently the Dallas Mavericks owner, entrepreneur and billionaire. 2. SUZE ORMAN Until 30, a waitress. Currently a finance guru, best-selling author and motivational speaker. 3. HARRISON FORD Until his 30s, a carpenter. Currently, well, you know – actor and producer. 4. PEJMAN NOZAD Until […]

Africa's GDP ‘much bigger’ than thought—and Egypt's economy could be larger than Nigeria's

In the last decade the gross domestic product of the 11 largest countries in sub-Saharan Africa has grown 51 percent — more than double the world average of 23 percent and four times that of the U.S., according to Bloomberg. The continent’s average consumer price index has stayed at 8 percent since 2013 compared to […]

New Factory Will Produce First-Ever Train Made In South Africa

Workers have broken ground on a factory under construction near Johannesburg that will provide jobs for 1,500 people and produce the first locomotive train ever manufactured in South Africa. French company Alstom has started building the factory that is expected to supply South Africa with 580 trains and technical services for 19 years through a joint venture with South African rail company Gibela. The […]

Nigeria has joined the Islamic coalition against terror – President Buhari

President Buhari during his recent interview with Al Jazeerah, said Nigeria has joined the Islamic Coalition against terrorism being championed by Saudi Arabia. “We are part of it because we’ve got terrorists in Nigeria that everybody knows which claim that they are Islamic. So, if there’s an Islamic coalition to fight terrorism, Nigeria will be part […]

President Mugabe pours cold water on succession debate, says he wants to reach 100 yrs

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has squashed the hopes of factions within his Zanu PF party positioning to succeed him, saying he is still in charge and will go on until his term ends. The 92 year old leader said he is still as fit as a fiddle and wants to reach 100 years.  Zimbabwe’s President […]

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