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Did You Know This Extraordinary Black Woman Is the Inventor of Laser Eye Surgery?

If you are considering Lasik Eye Surgery, you can thank this woman who invented the procedure in 2000. She holds four of the patents on the procedure so you will be assisting her in her philanthropic work and helping her Alma Mata, Howard University through her endowment if you do get the procedure. Dr. Patricia […]

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg Funds African Startup Andela $25M To Connect African Coders With U.S. Firms

There’s a shortage of software developers in the U.S. Demand for coders is huge and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is investing in training African engineers who don’t always get the opportunity to become programmers, Business Insider reported. That shortage has created a boom in coding bootcamps, which charge tens of thousands of dollars for a […]

Where Africa's Richest Woman Secures Her Wealth

ANALYSIS: By Rafael Marques De Morais When Isabel dos Santos sits down to count her billions, as Africa’s richest woman, much of that fortune is in stocks and shares which she counts as her own. Forbes estimates her wealth at US $3.3 billion. The reality, however, is that a large proportion (almost two thirds of her […]

Tennis Legend Serena Williams Builds Conventional And Special Needs Schools In Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda & Jamaica.

Remember when Serena Williams‘ cakes broke the internet and we were asking how many squats, per hour, do we need to do to get that thick? Well the tennis champ wasn’t just showing off, she was working! Serena recently built a new school in Jamaica! While some celebs may simply write a check towards a […]

Video: Here are 15 Things to Know about Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote

In the world of business, one name has been a dominant force on the African continent. Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote with an estimated net worth of $18 billion, had a chat with Forbes Africa correspondent Peace Hyde. In the interview, she uncovered the business mogul’s most challenging day in business. Here are 15 things we […]

Somalia's 13-year-old inventor finds fame

A 13-year-old boy’s passion for making electronic toys in Somalia has won him local fame and a free education. Guled Adan Abdi, from the north town of Buhodle, taught himself how to make plastic toys from bits of discarded objects, and then worked out how to motorise them by studying real cars. “I started making […]

Seeking stability in Somalia's election season

Election-planning disagreements, backroom dealings and insecurity are among the threats to peaceful national polls planned for August. As election season approaches, Mogadishu is a hot, fortified city, subject to frequent Al-Shabaab attacks and clan and business disputes that end violently. Armoured trucks carrying African Union (AU) troops roll around town as squads of heavily armed […]

Eritrea & Ethiopia Should Settle Their Differences

As Asmara seeks ways out of isolation and Addis Ababa seeks to expand its role on the global stage, they and their partners would be wise to turn the new outbreak of violence into an opportunity to settle their long-running border dispute, writes Cedric Barnes for the International Crisis Group. By Cedric Barnes: A 12 […]

Central Bank Of Nigeria Announces New ‘Flexible’ Forex Regime

The value of the Nigerian currency was today devalued to the dollar as the Central Bank of Nigeria announced a flexible foreign exchange regime that would see the country abolishing the dual exchange rate regime. Under the new plan, the official exchange rate of the naira will exist in a “single flexible window,” which will likely […]

Africa Must Prepare to Feed the Increasing Population By 2050 – FARA

By Michel Nkurunziza Officials and experts that gathered at the 7th Agriculture science week and the assembly organized by Forum for Agriculture Science in Africa (FARA), have warned of a looming crisis. The delegation discovered that if Africa does not invest much in science and innovation in the agriculture sector, it will fail to feed […]