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Baby born aboard plane awarded free flights for life



A baby born aboard a Jet Airways plane travelling from Saudi Arabia to India has been offered free flights for life.

Jose Cicymol was 30 weeks pregnant when she went into labour on the Boeing 737 from Dammam to Kochi.

The plane’s crew declared a medical emergency five hours into the journey, and the baby was born 45 minutes later with the help of a nurse who was among the 162 passengers.

The jet, Flight 9W 569, had to be diverted to Mumbai to enable the mother and her newborn receive medical attention.

Now, the baby might just be the luckiest person in the world at the moment, after Jet Airways management awarded it free flight for life.

The incident marked the first time Jet Airways had a mid-flight birth.

More than five infants were born on commercial flights in the last year, but they don’t all come away with a golden ticket for free travel for the rest of their lives.

The last airline to award unconditional, complimentary flights for life to a baby born on their plane was AirAsia, when, in 2009, a passenger gave birth while on a two-hour flight from Penang to Kuching.

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