Biggest hospital under construction in South Africa, is in Durban

IMG_2130KwaZulu Natal, a South African Province on its coastal shore, is actively upgrading its infrastructure, one of the major projects its undertaking is the construction of the Dr Pixley ka Isaka Seme Regional hospital.

The Dr. Pixley hospital is expected to cater to almost a million people with a capacity of 500 beds. It is expected to take over regional services from the current Mahtma Ghandi and Addington Hospitals.

The hospital which is currently under construction is worth 2.8 billion rands (21, 021, 0476 USD) and is currently the biggest hospital being constructed in the metro and in South Africa.

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According to the local government 30 percent of the contractors involved in the construction of the health facility are locals, in the spirit of inclusive growth which is the theme of the World Economic Forum Africa this year. Dr. Pixley hospital is expected to be completed by 2019, however the purchasing and fitting of hospital equipment plus a pilot phase will run in 2018.

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