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Britain issues a travel warning to Ethiopia due to internet censorship



The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a travel warning to its citizens intending to travel to Ethiopia due to internet censorship by the government, reports Africa News.

Despite internet restoration after a 10 day black out during the national examinations, there is a possibility that internet service will be cut without notice, according to the alert.

‘internet service have now been restored, however, internet and other mobile data services can be restricted without notice, hampering the British Embassy’s ability to assist you; you should have alternative communications plans in place when traveling in Ethiopia,’‘ read the statement by the UK.

The alert also warned Britons to stay away from all border towns except the Djibouti border and a part of the Somali border. All areas with 10 km of the border with Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan are to be completely avoided.

‘‘The Ethiopia-Eritrea border remains closed. Several security incidents have taken place along the border. The risks of cross-border tensions remains,” the statement added.

The alert further cautioned that protests could break out ‘with little warning and could turn violent,’ thus nationals should remain vigilant. Ethiopia is currently under a state of emergency after wide spread anti-government protests largely in the Oromo and Amhara regions in 2016. The emergency was extended in April despite the government saying that peace had returned.

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