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Canadian Cabinet for 2015 With Equal Number Of Men And Woman


Canada…..What a cabinet:

    • Minister of Health is a doctor.
    • Minister of Transport is an astronaut.
    • Minister of National Defense is a Sikh Veteran.
    • Minister of Youth is under the age of 45.
    • Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is a former farmer.
    • Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness was a Scout.
    • Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development was a financial analyst.
    • Minister of Finance is a successful businessman.


  • Minister of Justice was a crown prosecutor and is a First Nations leader.
  • Minister of Sport, and Persons with Disabilities is a visually impaired Paralympian.
  • Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard is Inuit.
  • Minister of Science is a medical geographer with a PhD.

New titles include

  • Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees was an Immigration critic.
    There are scientists in the cabinet, and it is made up of 50% women.

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