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Top 5 Most Advanced Cities in Africa

Despite various advancements in the fields of technology, arts and culture, the term ” dark continent” or ”jungle” still lurks in the perception of many foreigners acculturated to believe nothing good comes from Africa. Rather, Africa is regarded mostly for diseases, hunger and political violence. Well, to have such a mindset means you are missing out [...]

Africa will rise again

- May God bless Africa...... - Africa will rise among the continents of the earth.... - Africa will experience growth...... - Poverty will end in Africa........ - Corruption will end in Africa.... - Good governance and democracy will be established in Africa..... - War, crime, terrorism, tribal and community clashes will end in Africa...... - [...]

Africa’s gets two new countries: Wakanda and Nambia

After the British Airways gave Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o a new national identity, now a citizen of Wakanda, America's president Donald Trump in a speech to African leaders talked about an African country called Nambia having "an increasingly self-sufficient health system." Unfortunately Africans don't recognize that country. What are your thoughts on Nambia and Wakanda [...]

10 Things Africans Must Do – Dr James Makamba

1. The most fundamental issue is that of economic productivity. Africa produces very little (relative to other continents) with most of its economies being informal. The continent only contributes 3% to the global economies output. This severely constrains its capacity to deal with the myriad of problems that bedevil the continent. 2. Africa must develop [...]