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20 Amazing Facts About Thomas Sankara, One Of The Best Leader Africa Ever Had

Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara; 21 December 1949 – 15 October 1987) was a Burkinabé military captain, Marxist revolutionary, pan-Africanist and President of Burkina Faso from 1983-87.Viewed by supporters as a charismatic and iconic figure of revolution, he is commonly referred to as “Africa’s Che Guevara” Below are some of his amazing achievements: 1. He vaccinated 2.5 […]

Algeria is the safest country in Africa

Algeria has been ranked the safest country in Africa after 90 percent of its population said that they have confidence in their local police and feel safe walking alone at night according to a ranking released by Gallup. Rwanda follows second with 84 percent of population, Morocco at 80%, Egypt at 82%, Ethiopia at 80% […]

Rwanda Election: What you need to know about President Paul Kagame

The votes have been cast, and Rwandans have officially elected their President. Paul Kagame, who has been in power for 17 years, is once again leading the country – beating challengers Frank Habineza, of the Democratic Green Party, and Philippe Mpayimana, an independent, to the Presidential seat. This will be his third term in office, […]

Today In History Aug 18, 1964: South Africa is officially banned from the Tokyo Olympic Games for failing to eliminate racial discrimination

7 Of The Most Educated African Leaders

Robert Mugabe Let’s begin with indestructible old Uncle Bob and his impressive list of honours, shall we? He kicked off with a BA in English and history at the University of Fort Hare all the way back in 1951. Degrees in administration and education followed from the University of South Africa, before completing Batchelor’s and […]

What Is The Role Of the African First Lady?

They are the president’s better half, ‘mothers of the nation’ – they are called. Rightly so, because they complete the ‘father of the nation’ – the man chosen by majority of the voter population to steer the affairs of state. Some are visible and powerful, others are controversial. Some you hardly ever see but on […]

Top Investment Opportunities in Africa

Over the past decades, Africa has explored great depths for its rise in economic growth and investment opportunities.  While Africa offers great returns compared to most emerging market economies, it cannot be observed as a solitary performing body.  The continent bears 54 distinct economies that are weighed with challenges and opportunities significant to their economic […]

Africa’s most powerful passports in 2017

2017 Passport Index ranks world nations on the basis of the number countries where their citizens can go without requiring a visa in advance or on arrival. The power makes travel cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries. Seychelles has the most powerful passport in Africa with 130 countries allowing […]