Home World Checkout this latest advanced tricycle fitted with AC – [Photos]

Checkout this latest advanced tricycle fitted with AC – [Photos]


AC tricycle

Have you ever sat inside a tricycle on a very hot day, wondering “why they didn’t fit these ‘little things’ with an air conditioner for days like this?” For many Africans, commuting with a tricycle is about the fastest means of getting from one end of town to another where there is no affordable buses or taxis.

However, despite the convenience it portrays, there must have been days when it left you wondering if you shouldn’t have just scraped all your change together and gone for an air conditioned taxi instead. It is for days like that, that this latest batch of tricycles have been made for.

According to reports, manufacturers have decided to make Air Conditioned tricycles, which will help you manage that horrible traffic situation better than when you are sitting down, melting away in the heat. The tricycle also comes with a door (what else will keep the air from the AC trapped inside) instead of the usual one that allows breeze and even rain to hammer you when you are riding in one.

See pictures below

AC tricycle1 AC tricycle2

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