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China to build Congo’s new €50million parliament for free


The Republic of Congo’s new parliament will be built by the Chinese at an estimated cost of €50m, which the Chinese government is giving as a gift.

President Denis Sassou Nguesso on Monday launched the commencement of work on the edifice to be located in the capital, Brazzaville.

According to the authorities of both countries, the building which is valued at more than 34 billionFCFA (52 million euros) is said to be fully-funded as a donation from the Chinese government to the Congolese government. Present at the launch ceremony was China’s Deputy Minister of Commerce, Qian Keming.

The construction has been entrusted to the Chinese Jiangsu Provincial Construction Ltd., for a scheduled period of 40 months.

“This project is helping to open the capital city to modernity”, and “remains one of the biggest cooperation projects carried out by China in sub-Saharan Africa in the form of a gift”, Jean-Jacques Bouya, Minister in charge of planning of the territory of the Congo said.

Rights groups and opposition kick against move

Human rights activists and the opposition believe that a new parliament is not a priority for a country fraught with rights issues and political violence in the Pool region.

“A new seat for a Parliament is not a priority,” said Trésor Nzila, executive director of the Congolese Human Rights Observatory in Congo.

His position is shared by Clement Miérassa, president of the Congolese Social Democratic Party: “I hope that this Chinese investment will not in the future have an impact on Congo’s debt that has already exploded.”

Chinese investments on the continent are widely believed to be in exchange for other resources that the respective countries have, in the case of Congo oil and timber.

“The priority for us is the resolution of the crisis that has shaken the Pool for a year and the improvement of the human rights situation as a whole,” Nzila added. The President in a recent interview with France24 denied that there was any crisis in the region.

The Pool Region in southern Congo-Brazzaville has been plunged into violence since April 2016, following the re-election of President Sassou Nguesso. A poll that the president according to the electoral body won over 60% of but which was challenged by the opposition.

Sassou Nguesso has been president of oil-rich Congo-Brazzaville for over three decades. The small Central African country with an estimated 4 million inhabitants, however, has a huge poor population. Its economy has been adversely affected by the fall in global oil prices.

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  1. Dear Black people please wake up its not free it’s your own money and resources kick the Chinese out of Aftica they are here for one reason to take our resources not to enrich us or alternatively make us better than them , We need to wake why can’t we employ our Africans to build the damm Parliament? Yes they will steal some more ey but it’s better us they will end up spending the money in the economy! Wake up my people wake

  2. When you finally have a Chinese parliament…That means you are finished..Chinese products are mostly fake or inferior. ..

  3. Make sure the wiring and networking system will be installed by Congolese government because they can spy on your national security issues and any business dealings from remote control.

  4. Nothing is free, Just like the rest of the world owes Mother Africa, So does China. They are there for a reason and it’s certainly not to build anything. Trust and believe, they will leave with something tangible in return of the same if not more valuable.

  5. When will African leaders learn how to do it themselves, instead of this “cup in hand” attitude?
    Even they’re getting it wrong just posing for a group photograph for this article. Some are late, others standing without any formation or sense of seriousness and diplomacy. Look, till we learn how to make it ourselves, no amount of handouts will make any difference.
    The Chinese are not a father Christmas, they put their money where their mouths are. They have planned what they will harvest after two decades. Block headed leaders wise up.

  6. corruption! shameless! China is creating havoc in Africa in collaboration with corrupt authorities…


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