Corrupt government officials in Uganda get tough warning from President Museveni

Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni has issued a “tough warning” to government officials against corruption and the underutilization of loan funds.

The country’s president expressed his disgust on some government officials’ attitudes who “solicit bribes and favours from investors, frustrating them in the process” during a cabinet meeting on Friday.

“This must stop or else people will be embarrassed. You shouldn’t ask investors to pay your children’s school fees, or do this and that. If you have a problem, call a clan meeting and solve it as a family, not through corruption,” President Museveni said in a series of tweets.

Museveni revealed that the World Bank has issued loans and grants of $1.8 billion but only 10% of it has been utilized.

“Tough action will be taken against government officials who negligently fail to utilize these funds,” he warned.

Museveni earlier announced that Uganda has recovered from its economical downturn and the country needs to kick out poverty.

He also called on the security organs to stop “negative elements infiltrating decision-making centres of government.”

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