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Culture Mystery Solved: Here’s The SECRET How Levitating Street Magicians Actually Float!


If you’ve ever been to a big city, then you know that street performers are a very popular attraction. Sometimes musicians and dancers attract crowds of dozens or even hundreds of people.


But have you ever been lucky enough to witness the levitating street performers who seem to be floating off the ground? If you have, you’ve probably been amazed. But do you know the secret behind their magic…?

levitating street performers

These floating man illusions or levitating street performers have been around for a long time. Most people who see them are completely blown away by the trick. But little do they know, there is actually a simple mechanism at work that lets them float…

levitating street performers 3

In the one-man version of this spectacular trick, the mystic or devotee floats several feet above the ground with nothing underneath him. You can wave your hand beneath his tush and there are no invisible strings or sticks…

levitating street performers 4

This trick may appear to defy science, but it is actually just an illusion. The magician is sitting on a platform that connects to a steel rod they are holding. That rod is connected to a platform secured on the ground…

levitating street performers 5

But what if this illusion is presented with two people? Besides earning twice as much money as levitating street performers, these illusionists have a more complicated system going on to help them float…

levitating street performers 6

The solution is still quite straightforward. The men have steel rods and plates hidden within their baggy clothing. This helps them conceal the trick and make unknowing tourists flabbergasted. Like this man in black…

levitating street performers 7

Still want to know more about this popular illusion? Watch the video that reveals everything about it on the next page…

These tricks have been exploited for many years. According to yoga, people can get special powers like levitation. But most people are just scamming viewers to believe in their levitating street performer trick…

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