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Dangote Shuts Down $500m Cement Factory In Tanzania



Dangote has shut down his $500 million factory in Tanzania owing to high business costs and a fall out with the government over tax exemptions

Dangote was invited to Tanzania to do business by former President Jakaya Kikwete in 2014 and was promised access to cheap natural gas to power the factory

As a result, the Dangote factory was sited at Mtwara where natural gas is extracted

The end of Kikwete’s administration has spelled trouble for the factory as the government of John Magufuli has reneged on many of the original agreements, refusing to provide cheap natural gas for the factory

Dangote then retaliated by importing coal from South Africa despite Tanzania having substantial coal deposits

Magufuli’s administration eventually banned the importation of coal, a policy which seemed specifically targeted at Dangote

The government has said Tanzanian coal is of higher quality than South Africa’s and therefore saw no need to allow companies import it. The factory now spends as much as $4 million per month on diesel

Despite Dangote’s protests, government officials say they have upheld all the incentives such as tax holidays granted to Dangote by the former administration

Source: Forbes

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  1. Prof HE Magufuli please I remind you that the unemployed factory workers,zero income distribution and zero tax collection is coming ,doubling swiftly last but not least the promising foreigne investors are feeling hesitant to extend a business hand thus slow Tanzania Economic growth .


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