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Donald Trump threatens to cancel all his investments in the U.K


US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has threatened to remove his investments in the UK if the British don’t want him there following a petition signed last month by over 600k people asking the UK government to ban him from entering the country over comments he made about Muslims, now described as a hate speech. Because of the number of signatures, the petition will officially be debated in the House of Commons on Jan. 18th.

Trump Organization responded yesterday by saying that if the billionaire businessman is denied entry into the UK, they will cancel $1 billion in planned investments in two golf courses they own in Scotland.

“Blocking Trump from the country would force The Trump Organization to immediately end these and all future investments we are currently contemplating in the United Kingdom,” Trump Organization lawyer said in a statement to Fox News.

This is not the first time the UK will ban famous Americans. Rapper Tyler the Creator, anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller and radio host Michael Savage have all been denied entry into the UK over comments they made. But with Trump, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron says even though he does not support what Trump said, he also doesn’t support him being banned from the country .

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  1. Yes, Lekki gardens is the most talked about but not for anything good. I wonder who is putting up this “fabu” story.
    All I will say is go and ask the people who live in Lekki gardens to give you the real story.

  2. sorry you forgot the dictators of Ethiopia starting from Mengistu Haile mariam and Haile mariam Desalegn with his fellows. Ethiopian people have been killed and still dying by dictators

  3. Hello mercy.. Thank you for coming out to Dispute the fab story of that property billionaire Mongul at Lekki …. The problem with our people I’d that , they too like to show off .and the media world help with propaganda news without proper verification …. How can a 34 year old control such vast multi million dollar project without having questionable character behind it .. When did he start ? And at what age ? .. Remember .. All that glitters is not gold .. As they say .. ..


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