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Egypt discovers a 3,200 year old mummy



Archaeologists have discovered a 3200 year old mummy in a brightly painted sarcophagus on Sunday

The 3200 year old noble man buried near the temple from the era of the 4th millennium warrior king Thutmose III near the town of Luxor in Egypt was found in a wooden sarcophagus that is carved with an Egyptian figure with black hair and heavy eye liner. The mummy found in good condition was preserved with linen, plaster and adorned with colourful decorations and religious symbols.

The ancient noble is believed to have been Amenrenef, a servant of the royal household according to Egypt’s Ministry of State of Antiquities. The tomb, in which the mummy was found, dates between 1075 BC and 664 BC.


King Thutmose III, considered being Egypt’s greatest conqueror, constructed over 50 temples and other buildings for use as tombs to preserve the dead.

A Spanish archaeological mission working on the excavation project of the “Temple of Millions of Years” of Pharaoh Thutmose III uncovered the tomb and will further study the tomb and its contents to learn more about its owner according to Egypt Independent.

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