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Gambia Election: Yahya Jammeh concedes defeat after ruling for 22 years


President Yahya Jammeh
President Yahya Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh is reportedly conceding defeat after ruling The Gambia for 22 years.

The chairman of the electoral commission, Alieu Momar Njie, had this to say:

It’s really unique that someone who has been ruling this country for so long has accepted defeat.”

The head of The Gambia’s electoral commission has declared opposition candidate Adama Barrow as the winner of the 2016 presidential election. The results were:Adama Barrow – 263,515 votesYahya Jammeh – 212,099 votes

Image result for Adama Barrow
New Elected president, Adama Barrow
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  1. Thank you president Yahya Jammeh for accepting the result. This’s how African democracy should be practiced and by a willingly manner rather than being masterminded by outside force. CONGRATULATION Gambia for reviving African democracy. May Allah the almighty bless Gambia.

  2. I woud have lost my money had I gotten into a bet with some. I woul have betted that Yahya Jammeh would either rigged the election or creat a scenario that would advert the announcing of the winner had he not won. But again, as we see the wind of democracy blowing in Africa, Jammeh didn’t think he could stop it.
    But a stubborn and selfish person would careless whatever the consequences would and do the wrong thing. Thank you Mr. President

  3. This is a good step in African politics as it is a sign of political maturity hoping other African Presidents like Museveni of Uganda can emulate this.


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