Ghanaians, other Africans use Nigerian passports for crime – Ambassadorial nominee

A non-career ambassadorial nominee, Yusuf Hinna, has alleged that Ghanaians and citizens of other African countries obtained Nigerian passport and use it for criminal activities, the Premium Times reports.

He told lawmakers that some of the criminal activities perpetrated in several countries of the world were by nationals of other African countries who hold Nigerian passports, and not by Nigerian citizens as often reported, the report said.

Speaking at his screening by the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, Hinna recalled that some Africans such as Ghanaians were arrested and they were carrying Nigeria passports.

“There is abuse of our green passports. There are security challenges, and we have to tackle them,’’ he said.

He said if confirmed as ambassador, he would embark on continual screening to determine citizenship and eligibility for obtaining the Nigeria passport.

Hinna also spoke on the rise of different militant groups, particularly in Nigeria, who posed danger to security of lives and property and called on the Government to curtail activities of such groups to protect the country against security threats greater than that currently posed by Boko Haram.

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