Home Business & Economy Half a million dollars goes missing in Somali Central Bank

Half a million dollars goes missing in Somali Central Bank



Somali Central Bank Governor has confirmed reports that $530,000 has been stolen from the Central Bank of Somalia by Somalia government officials.

The major suspect in what is believed to have been collaborative work is an employee of the bank, who is currently at large according to Harun Maruf, a journalist with Voice of America. Maruf further added that the money was removed from bank in small instalments, each time a withdrawal was made same amount of fake bill was deposited.

The treasurer who stole the money from the bank identified as Mohyadin Mohamed Hassan according to theSomali National News Agency.

“He left forgery currency in the treasury and took the official money from the bank which was  $530’000, he escaped but National Intelligence and Security Agency and Criminal Investigation Department are in the case at moment”, said the Governor of the Somali Central Bank, Dr. Bashir Isse Ali

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