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I will not resign even if I fail to defeat Boko Haram by December – President Buhari


President Buhari has said that even if he fails to redeem his pledge to defeat the Boko Haram terrorist group by December this year, he will certainly not resign from office. He said this in an interview with Aljazeera’s Mehdi Hasan.

“One thing you will certainly remember is that I will not resign. I will be determined to stay and fight it out” he said.

When asked why he hasn’t been able to find the missing Chibok girls since he assumed office in May, President Buhari said;

“We have an idea where the girls are. Our main problem is… what we promised to constituencies where these girls were abducted, was that we wanted to rescue them alive.

There are Boko Haram leadership that wanted us to discuss, but we have to prove they are Bonafide.  We want to make sure, they have to prove to us that they are alive, they are well and then we can promise them and negotiate with them” he said.

Asked what kind of negotiation he will be reaching with the sect members, whether prisoner exchange or money, he said “Well it depends on the leadership of Boko Haram”.
He also spoke about Amnesty International allegations of human rights abuses by the Nigerian Troops. Sharia laws and others.

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  1. I totally agree with president Buhari in hus stand. If he can’t defeat boko haram and rescue the Chibok girls by December, it will be a call for concern globally but resigning as Nigeria’s president would just mean another victory for boko haram which Buhari can never accept.


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