If you are having too much laundry to do and you don't feel like doing it yourself, there is an app for you (Uganda)

 African Entrepreneurs Are doing great Things

If you are having too much laundry to do and may be you don’t have enough time to do your laundry then i think there is now an app for that which is becoming very popular in uganda.

This app is there o help you make your laundry choice very very easy for you. Yoza is an app that connects people who need help doing their laundry in their area of locality.

24-year-old Solomon Kitumba founded the company last year after struggling to get through his washing, which is usually done by hand in Uganda.

“I woke up in the morning with a pile of laundry,” Kitumba says. “I had a long night and I thought to myself, how do I get this laundry done? I had to ask around.”

Eventually, he found “a lady who lived right outside, a single mother of two” to do the job.

The idea struck him to “connect the dots” between people who needed their laundry done and those ready to provide the service.

Within a few weeks, a working prototype for Yoza was born.

The app is growing, and mainly targets single professionals and students with smart phones.

Crucially, it provides the user with a list of local washers who would normally be difficult to contact.

“The people at the bottom of this, who offer the hand washing, don’t have smart phones. The only way to get to them is via phone calls,” says Yoza co-founder and business strategist Nicholas Kamanzi.

By signing up to the App, many of the women have been able to double their incomes. In some cases, it has increased sevenfold.

I think this is great.

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