Home Blog If you are still wondering why people are fleeing Syria, watch this video

If you are still wondering why people are fleeing Syria, watch this video


Footage has emerged from Monday’s missile attack in Aleppo that reportedly killed up to 32 people

Amid the ongoing refugee crisis dividing Europe, the suffering goes on inside war-torn Syria – whether it is at the hands of Isis fighters, or President Assad’s regime.

An extraordinary video captured by volunteer medics from the Aleppo Civil Defence group shows the bloody aftermath of a surface-to-surface missile.

Apparently fired by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the missile reportedly killed up to 32 people in the rebel-controlled al-Sha’ar neighbourhood.

The footage shows the devastating impact of the attack, with bodies strewn and debris scattered on the street, while cars and buildings burn in the background.

Desperate screams of emergency workers and ambulance sirens can be heard as teams attempt to rescue those buried underneath the rubble.


Warning – graphic footage.

It is not an isolated incident. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports there has been 38,199 airstrikes carried out by Assad’s air force in the 11 months from October 2014; which has caused the deaths of over 6,000 civilians.

The Syrian civil war has seen more than 200,000 people killed in four years, and dramatically increased the number of people seeking safety abroad.

UN Refugee Agency UK told The Independent : “The latest attack is a reflection of escalating violence inside Syria over the past months and a reminder that the root of the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East is the ongoing Syrian conflict which so far forced more than four million Syrians to flee their country and another 7.5 million are displaced inside Syria.

“Ordinary civilians are paying the price. Only an end to the war in Syria will end the suffering of the Syrian people.


“In the meantime we need better support for the victims – through better funding of aid and humanitarian programmes inside Syria and in the key hosting countries, more bilateral aid to the key host countries including Jordan, Lebanon Turkey and Iraq and more international solidarity and burden sharing.”

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to divide the Europe Union after four countries voted against the plan to distribute 120,000 refugees across member states.

The dissenting countries included the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

The latter has been extremely vocal, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban saying on Monday that millions of refugees are “laying siege” to the borders of his country and of Europe.

Mr Orban’s comments came as the Hungarian parliament voted to allow the use of rubber bullets and tear gas grenades against refugees.

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