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I’m not worth even $2million – Former Ghananian president, John Mahama denies $900m worth


Ghana’s former President, John Mahama has denounced the report making rounds in Ghana that he is worth about $900 million.

‘I am not anywhere near even $2million to talk about $900 million.’ he told South Africa’s Power FM. I am absolutely nowhere near that,’ Mr. Mahama stressed, explaining: ‘Often my brother [Ibrahim] is confused with me. My brother is a businessman, he has his assets and I have no interest in his business and I don’t own shares in his business.

‘I am a farmer, I have published a book and I have earned royalties from my book and I earn from my farm and that is it. I live a very modest life.’ He added.

John Mahama who lost the 2016 presidential polls to Nana Akufo-Addo, is presently in South Africa to deliver the keynote address at the African Leadership Magazine (ALM) Person of the Year 2016 Awards Programme in Johannesburg.

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  1. This is a true Leader who believes in Democratic Principles. I knew Him very well. He lives a simple as ordinary Ghanaian. His leadership style is one of a kind which is beyond comparison. No he has been hailed across the length and breadth throughout the world.


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