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Is Zambia’s President the most humble in Africa?



Zambian President Edgar Lungu made an unprecedented action of sleeping in a worn out guest house on an island in the northern parts of the country.

It was the first time that a head of state of the Southern African nations spent the night in the poorly developed island according to Zambia reports.

“I decided to break the tradition of flying in and out of Chilubi Island so I spent a night here at Kambros Guest House. I must say that the time spent with the people of Chilubi helped me understand more the challenges they face and the expectations they have,” said the President on his official Facebook page.

The President’s supports have marked the historical action as a virtue of humbleness that the leader possesses.

After a night at the humble boarding facilities the President pledged to speed up development on the island.

“…My government’s commitment to work together with the local leaders to better the lives of our people through rehabilitating Santa Maria hospital, providing vehicles and boats to different government departments, commencing of the works at Luwingu-Nsombo and Chaba-Chilubi roads and economic growth of the island through fishing projects,” said Lungu.


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  1. He is humble and he knows what it means to be a leader not just a president or politician, thats the only way you can know how less priviledged people live, suffer day in day out…


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