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ISIS Terrorists Try to Stone a Woman to death. Then There Was a Miraculous Intervention


Another example of the brutality of ISIS was demonstrated by the group’s strict interpretation of Islamic law. Despite the harsh nature of the ISIS-law, a Syrian woman, sentenced by ISIS to be executed by stoning, was able to miraculously escape the ordeal.

The woman was sentenced to be stoned for committing adultery in the ISIS controlled area of northern Syria this past Friday according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The sentence was carried out by a group of gunmen in the small town Raqqa.



After the identified woman was pelted by heavy stones and thought dead by her executors, she stood up and began to walk away. When one of the jihadi attempted to capture her again, he was stopped by an Islamic jurist.

“Her sentence is done, let her go and repent to her God.” The jurist said.

Some claim that it was “God’s will” that she survived her punishment for the crime of adultery:

“An IS militant was about to open fire at her when an Islamist jurist intervened and stopped him saying it was God’s will that she did not die,” The Observatory said about the execution by stoning. 

Other women have not been as fortunate. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 15 people, 9 of which have been women, have been executed by ISIS in Syria since…..

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  1. This kind of situation let me know something special… that our belief in God can bring me to the right way, or the wrong way… depending to how I try to find God.. can you just try to reach God who is always stay inside your heart… why are you ridiculous?

  2. God is great not Allah demonic religion islamic where will you be happy hell fire all mosque name are terrorist na I don’t know why Saul(Paul) spear ur generation

  3. GOD indeed is great! He isn’t great just because these crazy barbarians scream ‘Allahu akbar, God is great’ even when they execute their barbaric, demonic acts of spilling blood!
    There are good, God-fearing, human-loving Moslems. We all have to appreciate and love them. But we should also stand together and condemn the barbaric atrocities perpetrated in the name of Allah Jehovah God!


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