Ivorian footballer Serge Aurier, sentenced to 2 months in jail


Ivorian footballer Serge Aurier who plays for Paris St-German (PSG) has been sentenced to two months in jail after elbowing a police officer while leaving a night club in May.

The 23 year old footballer was also fined 674 dollars in damages and an additional 1,687 dollars to cover the court costs.

Aurier will most likely play the Wednesday PSG match in the Champions league since he was allowed to remain free while waiting for an appeal.

“Because of his appeal, PSG still presume the player innocent as the case is still ongoing,” A statement fromPSG read “Aurier can continue to play and do his job in France and abroad.

The defender attacked the police officer after he was approached for a breath test after leaving a night club in Paris. According to the police, the officer had to take a day off to recover from his injuries incurred in the attack.

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