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Just for laughs! CNN Interviews President Robert Mugabe


CNN Interviewer: Mr. President, don’t you think 89 years old would have been a great time to rest and retire?

President Mugabe: Have you ever asked Queen Elizabeth this question or is it just for African leaders?

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  1. Wasn’t his country known as the “Garden of Africa” before he took over? Now they’re dependent on food hand-outs…

  2. Mugabe knows better than interviewer,,it’s logic WHY not queen Elizabeth,,???..being monarch or what,it’s still based on politics….

  3. Who said every leader must either be Monarch or politician?

    Mugabe is both: a POLITICAL MONARCH.


  4. Mugabe is right to ask that way, there is no difference between monarch and a politician because they are all leaders. What concerns the western world so much on Africans! Africans have no need to be like western and now with the influence imposed on Africa…..people in it remain confused between what’s African and western.

  5. But to be fair, Mugabe’s response makes sense. I just would be eager to know his interviewer’s response to that question. “HAVE YOU EVER ASKES THE QUEEN THAT QUESTION MADAM INTERVIEWER?”

  6. Very intelligent man as a President Achimota secondary is proud of you and whole of Ghanaians as well.
    CNN need to go and ask the Queen that kind of question. #Africa_Stand_For_your_right.


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