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Kenya Church Members Gift Bishop Allan Kiuna A Private Jet For His 50th Birthday



On December 10, Bishop Allan Kiuna celebrated his 50th birthday.  Word had it that his congregation would buy him a jet even as his birthday trended on Twitter.

Then 12th December, Monday morning, we woke up to the  gift from his congregation; a Bombadier Learjet 85. He posted a photo of a Jet with caption “Thank you very much wonderful people!!”

The picture that Kiuna had posted but has since been pulled down.

With that message on his page, followers quickly jumped on the wagon as they expressed different opinions over the birthday present.

On his birthday Bishop Kiuna had taken the chance to articulate, in his weekly column, the lessons he has learnt thus far.

In the article titled, ‘What it feels like to be 50’, he shared what he said were the three most important lessons learnt in his multi-faceted life as a pastor, father, businessman and husband.

His wife, Reverend Kathy Kiuna took to social media to wish him a happy birthday in a beautifully penned message that was nothing short of praise to his husband.


If his post is anything to go by, he joins the list of Bishops in the world who pride of flying in the sky, literally.  Among them, is Nigerian Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel who’s net worth is approximated to be well over 100 million dollars.

American Bishops  TD Jakes of potter’s House and Clarence McClendon who is one of the ‘Preachers of LA’, both as well have personal jets.

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