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Kenya Election: President Kenyatta to go for Re- election Following Fraud Claims


President Uhuru Kenyetta on Wednesday appeared to have decided to go for re- election following his opponent’s claim of the involvement of fraud in the electoral process.

The IEBC has been given one week to verify the results and announce a winner.

Kenyan presidential election took place on Tuesday where President Uhuru Kenyatta emerged as the winner but his opponent Raila Odinga has claimed that Kenyetta’s victory was made possible through the use of fraud after his hackers carried out a “massive and extensive” on the computer systems of the IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) and discovered that the results that were announced were different from what they saw in the computers.

Kenya’s election commission said that with results from 96 percent of polling stations counted, Kenyatta led opposition leader Raila Odinga 54 percent to 44 percent.

“What the IEBC [Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission] has posted as results on the presidential elections is a complete fraud based on a multiplier that fraudulently gave Uhuru Kenyatta votes that were not cast,” Odinga said. “The fraud Jubilee [Kenyatta’s party] has perpetuated on Kenyans surpasses any level of voter theft in our country’s history. This time, we caught them.”

However, the head of the electoral commission has maintained that the results were void of fraud. “We have not been able to find any attempts of hacking and our position is … that our systems are intact.” She said.

Secretary-general of the Jubilee Party, Rafael Tuju said “These results are not coming from out of the blue. They are marked by facts, and you cannot claim that results are fake with respect to presidential and you welcome the areas where your governors and your members of parliament have won convincingly,”

Source: African Leadership Magazine

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