Kenya Police set 5,250 illegal firearms ablaze as message to urge others with similar dangerous weapons to surrender them

The Kenyan police on Tuesday, November 15, burnt 5, 250 illegal firearms consisting of both confiscated and surrendered arms that had been piled up for nearly one decade as a message to urge other citizens in the country with similar weapons to surrender them.

The country’s deputy president William Ruto spearheaded the exercise accompanied by the minister for internal security, Joseph Ole Nkaissery. He said;

“We are destroying small arms and ammunition so that they do not fall into wrong hands that will cause harm in society. I urge those in possession of illegal firearms to surrender them to police and those in custody of state weapons to maintain proper usage.”

Ruto also said that the weapons posed a threat to peace and stability of the country as they were easily available, cheap and simple to handle and conceal. Members of the public were also asked to register their guns amid the government’s effort to regulate the use of arms in the country.

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