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Kenya’s Opposition leader disappointed with election observers


Raila Odinga, the leader of Kenya’s Opposition party National Super Alliance (NASA) and a Presidential candidate has expressed disappointment in the international election observers’ view of Kenyan elections, reports Nation.

“I think that the observers have not helped Kenyans resolve this dispute, they have confounded it by giving basically an approval to a fairly flawed process…and therefore I am very disappointed with John Kerry and the other observers,” Raila told the CNN on an interview Thursday night.

Odinga said the observers concentrated on voting and tallying but not the transmission of the results. He further said that his party was not calling for violence and called for peace.

“The tallying is ongoing but we believe that the elections commission in Kenya has put in place a process that will allow each and every vote integrity to be proven and to be protected….” said Mr. John Kerry, the head of the Carter Centre observer mission.

The head of the European Union’s election observer mission in Kenya said on Thursday it had seen no signs of “centralised or localised manipulation” of the voting process.

The local civil society observer groups yesterday called on their international and regional counterparts not to give a blanket approval of the election until the entire process is concluded, reports the Star.

“We are concerned they may be speaking prematurely and solely to the experience of polling day itself. Polling day has never been the problem. The problem begins after polling, particularly during and following the counting, tallying, transmission and announcement of results,” Gladwell Otieno from Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu (My Vote My Voice) said in a press briefing yesterday.

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