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Libya Crisis: President Macron says France was wrong in joining the Libyan war


France’s new President Emmanuel Macron has acknowledged that the “invasions” of foreign forces in Libya to end Colonel Muammar Gadhafi’s rule in 2011 was an error. The French President said France was wrong to join the war in Libya. Yasser Hakim discusses the reasons why the French President considers the foreign involvement in Libya a mistake.

President Macron said in a statement that “Western intervention in Libya was a mistake”.

In 2011, France under president Nicolas Sarkozy, was a leading player in the call for European intervention in Libya. The UN Security Council had approved the imposition of a no-fly zone.

But Analysts said, this was abused by Western countries. NATO planes, including French forces, bombed the North African country and sent troops to aid rebels overthrow Muammar Ghaddafi.

Ghaddafi was killed, but the price was costly.

Western countries pulled out of the country leaving behind a destroyed Libyan army. The security vacuum and influx of weapons gave way to the rise of armed militias that seeked power and wealth.

This unstable climate created the perfect safe haven for terrorist groups such as ISIL. They benefited from the infighting and conflict between political powers and militias.

Being a predominantly desert area and a short distance from Europe by sea, has made Libya attractive for extremist groups and smugglers. They have gained ground and became a major threat to the existence of a Libyan state.

Restoring peace and stability has become a far-fetched dream.

Macron has called the western intervention in Libya a mistake. But it’s not the first; the same mistake was in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

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  1. Its funny that western nation wage wars to weaker nations or aid in regime change and when things go bad all they offer is an admission of guilt, and forget that their action led to immense suffering be it in libya, iraq n even DRC.. Its a shame that the international system has no way of punishing or holding these western dictators to account because their action continue to tear societies n countries apart

  2. Let the guilt nations with their heads of state then, be produced in the ICC to answer qns on war crimes against sovereign states n their people/economy. They should pay back. The impunity must stop


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