Louis Farrakhan Calls Out President Obama On Not Fighting For Black People, But Passing Massive Legislation For Gay People

Louis Farrakhan sometimes get criticism for being to harsh on people. Some of those who oppose him question his real intentions for the black community and if he is really a racist. But I challenge you to answer this question. What has he done that has harmed his community?

Did he condemned anyone if they didn’t believe in Islam? Nope. Did he condemn people if they didn’t follow him? Nope. And when you really think about the things he say, majority of the time he is right! Lets take his stand on President Obama.

He stated that President Obama hasn’t help black people while they are suffering and being murdered in the street. While, what laws has President Obama enacted to prevent this?

However, has President Obama passed laws to make sure gay people have equal rights? Yes. Are gay people being murdered in the street by police officers? Nope. Are gay people being harmed and under attack from white people? Nope.

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