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Meet Richard Nyong, the 34 year-old Nigerian billionaire real-estate mogul behind Lekki Gardens


Unknown to many, the billionaire property mogul behind Lekki Gardens, one of the most talked about names in the real estate sector, Richard Nyong is just 34 years old.

Nyong, who likes doing things the old way is a graduate of Economics from the University of Port Harcourt.

Surprisingly, despite the huge success he has recorded, Nyong has no formal education in the money spinning sector, where he plays big and dictates the pace.

Nyong, who sits on the board of several blue chip companies, is also a proud product of Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s Daystar Leadership Academy.

With over a decade experience in the real estate sector, Nyong’s multibillion dollar Lekki Gardens Estate Limited, also consults, develops and manages prime property for a wide range of clientele.

Aside the popular Lekki Gardens, Nyong is also the brain behind Ikoyi Gardens, Mainland Gardens, Port Harcourt Gardens and Richards Court estates.

Nyong, who believes so much in corporate social responsibility, stated that his business is a major employer of labour and has provided employment to thousands of people directly and indirectly.

Nyong’s dream is to provide affordable and quality housing to Nigerians, because according to him, real estate is the biggest expense facing any family’s income.

No wonder Lekki Gardens is going places and repositioning the real estate sector in Nigeria.

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