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Meet Tanzania’s blind man who tailored suit for former president Jakaya Kikwete



”The only disability in life is a bad attitude,” former American skater once said, and true to his motto people, people with physical deficiencies all around the world have overcome their shortcomings to achieve amazing amounts of success.

Tanzania boasts of one such person, 56-year-old Abdallah Nyangalio, who despite being blind, has cut out his own niche in the world of fashion.

Nyangalio lost his sight in 1989 due to complications that arose because of blood pressure.

Barely in his thirties then, this was a huge blow for the Tanzanian’s aspirations, planting fears in him that he would be a burden to his family.

He however did not let his loss stop his life; rather, it began then.

Nyangalio sought treatment from a Russian doctor, but his sight could not be restored. The Russian however offered to teach him how to sew.

The Tanzanian was brave enough to take up the new challenge, and within three months, he had picked up a significant level of proficiency. From then on, he began sewing himself clothes.

This wasn’t an easy journey though, as he got numerous painful lessons from the sewing needle.

Over the years, Nyangalio has perfected his craft, and today boasts of quite a number of clients.

One stand-out client that has sought the services of the blind 56-year-old is former president Jakaya Kikwete.

Nyangalio has also had orders from a number of Tanzanian Member of Parliament.

He now spends his free hours mentoring and passing his skills to other young and visually impaired people in Dar es Salaam as part of a program organized by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority.

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