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Meet the South African king whose remarks launched the Xenophobic attacks on other African Immigrants


Zulu King Godwill Zwelithi’s utterances on March 23rd launched the Zenophobic attacks in South Africa and he had refused to apologize, even after finding out that his people have maimed, killed and destroyed businesses belonging to black foreigners. He’s still insisting that foreigners should go back to their countries but tried to save face by saying attacking the foreigners is not how to chase them away. He wants the government to do it legally.

During a speech last month, Zwelithini called for the deportation of foreign nationals living in the country, saying it was unacceptable locals were being made to compete with people from other countries for the few economic opportunities they had available. King Zwelithi said “foreigners must pack their bags and go home”.

His three major complaints and why he wanted foreigners to go were; 1. SA traders in the townships said they could not compete with the prices that foreign-owned businesses were selling their products. 2; foreigners involved in crime. 3. Lack of respect shown by foreigners to locals.

Addressing Pongolo community members during a moral regeneration event, Zwelithini accused government of failing to protect locals from the “influx of foreign nationals”. He said;

“Most government leaders do not want to speak out on this  matter because they are scared  of losing votes.  As the king of the Zulu nation, I cannot tolerate a situation where we are being led by leaders with no views whatsoever.

“We are requesting those who come from outside to please go back to their countries. The fact that there were countries that played a role in the country’s struggle for liberation should not be used as an excuse to create a situation where foreigners are allowed to inconvenience locals. I know you were in their countries during the struggle for liberation. But the fact of the matter is you did not set up businesses in their countries.”

His comments were widely condemned with the SA DA describing it “highly irresponsible’ ‘Particularly given the recent spate of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, he should do the right thing – retract and apologise,”

He didn’t and his spokesman went on record to say the King had nothing to apologize for, that he meant every word he said.

“I think the people who’re complaining are misinterpreting his speech. He didn’t say foreigners must be attacked or harassed. The king was talking about foreigners who are here illegally. Some are involved in serious crimes like drug and human trafficking. We don’t need such people in our country so the king is right.” His spokesman said

After the killing spread across different cities, the king has relented a little and is planning to speak to his people this Monday in an effort to quell the attacks. He’s expected to address the public directly and clarify his statement and ask his people to stop the violence which his words started…

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  1. mais ce king a un mauvais raisonnent,son pouvoir se limite dans son palais,c,est l,ere dla democratie.sa suffi cme ca?si non ,on s,attaque a vos expatries {sa}bande d,ingrats.

  2. Sorry !is this what SA pay for us
    Zis indicat zat the nation hv no idea abt zeir past history where Mandela were hidden it was in Ethiopia but u can’t keep our brothers&sisters rather u burned them like wood!!! OMG

  3. The king lives in a democratic society and does have the right to speak his mind . That said , he should also understand his position as leader of the people , and as such should measure his utterances knowing full well how it will impact the lives of people in his country . The immigrant problem is not only limited to South Africa , its a global ailment that requires a concerted effort , not one of brutality and barbarism .

  4. Very stupid king…..If u think someone is staying in your country illegally then arrest them and check their documents. .If it’s not valid easily send them back home but burning foreigners alive is not fair..There are lots of south Africans outside too working in another countries around the world….should people start killing them the same way too????

  5. It’s truly sad to note that Africa played a big role in South Africa independence and this is what thy can remember, South Africa can’t be an Island in the continent

  6. some times i dont know why mandela had fought for this black bastards i think they want an apartied theory on their own
    we ethiopians are ashemed by our black brothers ,shame on south africa

  7. The zulu king is right in his statament and I personally supports him.Most of the time the media is the ones fuelling thir crisis by misquoting os misinterpreting people.

  8. Yahaya. You are as stupid as the zulu king. Don’t you know that anything that is said by a person in authority is taken as a policy? Shame on you

  9. please we Ethiopians are never colonized in anyway please south African king stop firing black people especially Ethiopians we fire you otherwise. shame on SA.

  10. very stupid king….. we Tanzanians are ashamed of our south african whom we fought together to chase away apartheid…………….. fuck Zulu king shut your big old ass

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