MUST READ: 5 fun facts about Late Nelson Mandela you don’t know about

Former South African president, Nelson Mandela was a man of action and is known worldwide for his sacrifice in the pursuit to free a nation from an unjust system.

As the world prepares to celebrate Mandela Day on July 18, here are five facts that you might not have known about the iconic leader:

1. Madiba had a cameo in a Spike Lee movie


He starred in Spike Lee’s 1992 movie Malcolm X. He appeared in the very end of the movie as a teacher, reciting Malcom X’s speech to a room full of children from Soweto.

2. Mandela was a fan of boxing


The former president was an avid fan of boxing. While not a fan of the violence, he enjoyed the science behind it.

3. Madiba was on a U.S. terror list

South Africa's President-elect Mandela holds his fist in the air at the ANC after the announcement that his party won the first free South African Presidential elections in Johannesburg

The ANC was deemed as a terrorist organisation by South Africa, the United States and Britain. Due to this, Nelson Mandela was put on a U.S. terror list, which he was removed from in 2008 at the age of 89.

4. First ‘black’ law firm

‘The finest of an extraordinary generation’: Mandela as a young lawyer in 1952.

With Oliver Tambo, Mandela opened the country’s first ‘black’ law firm, Mandela & Tambo, which defended people affected by Apartheid laws.


5. Escaped an arranged marriage


He allegedly fled the Eastern Cape for Johannesburg after the leader of the Tembu people attempted to set up an arranged marriage for him. Once in Johannesburg, he found work as a night watchman at a mine.

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