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MUST READ: Inspiring Story Of President Obama And His Sister Auma Obama


27 years AGO, Auma Obama picked her brother Barack up from the Airport in Kenya when he travelled home to visit his paternal family. She drove him home in her “old Volkswagen” car. They went home together, and he happily slept in her room on a “tight camp bed”. That was what she had then, and she happily shared all she had with her brother. She did not mind that he probably came from America with nothing.

27 years AFTER, he returned home few days ago. He arrived at the same Airport, and his sister was there again to meet him. This time around, he lifted her in the most technogically sophisticated car in the world known as the BEAST. He arrived home this time, not as the ordinary Barack who had to hang around the airport about 4 hours waiting for his sister, but as the most powerful and most influential and most important political figure in the world.
Never ever underestimate, down-play, overlook or dismiss any human being. Treat people with love, respect and dignity. Do not mind whether they have today or not. You never know what they might become tomorrow.

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  1. If we treat others good for any reason, it does not mean anything. But if it means something, it must come naturally.

  2. This is an incredible experience which should teach all of us how to treat each other without doubt.

    We as human beings we tend to look on the current status of other people not knowing that every day comes with changes. You may look at somebody today with a particular status but tomorrow you will see a complete different person from the one you saw years, months, weeks and/or days ago with a completely different status.

    That is why it is important to treat others as you would like to be treated by other people.

    I am so glad that she treated her brother in perfect and respectful way without knowing that one day he will be the most powerful person in the world. Look around you and make sure that the person whom you have been treating like a second citizen all these days might be the one from whom you need help when he/she become either your employer, supervisors, manager or President. Therefore be careful how you treat others.

  3. The power of dignity and respect comes from within self, i believe if we treat each other welk and fairly we will build a strong tomorrow, never the less we are building Africa for the best culture and indigenious love.

    My call to all fellows, we are in the age of technology and currency values, let us respect the humanity bestowed to us all as we respect what we earn.

    Love for the world.


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