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My Neighbour’s Wife (Part 1)



I am John, a regular Lagos guy. I live on the Island, Lekki to be precise. I live in a block of 6 flats with me on the second floor. I live with my uncle whose family is in the U.K. My Uncle himself is hardly ever around, always going on one business trip or the other. So I can safely say I live alone.

The flat (apartment) directly opposite ours (on the second floor) has been empty for a while. The family that used to live there moved out some six months ago. This makes staying at home all boring as I really do not have neighbors except I decide to go down the stairs (which I hate to do except I am going somewhere). I recently just finished NYSC and currently at home so I have very few things to do. I am not the outgoing type so I rarely hang out with ‘the boys’.

I was at home one day, watching football when I suddenly heard some people talking outside my door. I took a peek through the hole on the door and I saw Mr Nosa ,the agent with a couple. Finally, I muttered someone is interested in the apartment. I just hope they won’t be as noisy as the last occupants were quite a handful. I decided to say hello to the soon-to-be neighbors so I stepped out. On getting outside, I saw this couple. Even though I said hello to three of them, I couldn’t take my eyes off the woman. She was in one word…….Dashing.

She is about 5 feet 5 inches tall, medium build with angelic curves. She is well endowed and well put together. Brown eyes with long black hair. Her well toned skin looks so soft and evenly balanced. She looks like something out of a TV commercial. I couldn’t resist starring at her boobs.  The cleavage was well grafted by God.

All of a sudden, I came to my senses that I was stripping another man’s wife naked with my eyes but fortunately, her husband was busy discussing terms and conditions with Mr Nosa.

Our eyes met, she smiled and looked away. She later introduced herself as Mrs Enahoro. She extended her hand for a shake I quickly grabbed it because I thought that would be the only opportunity to feel her and probably the closest I would get to her. Hmmm…….how wrong I was.

I won’t call myself a womanizer but Mrs Enahoro is too beautiful to be ignored. I felt her husband couldn’t have asked God for a more beautiful wife.

Anyway, exactly one week after, they moved in……….and this was the beginning of my ordeal.

To be continued in few days time………………….

Article was sent by iamjohnajayi@gmai.com

Source: naijassador.com

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