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My Neighbour’s Wife (Part 2)


Few days ago, John Ajayi sent an article on his adventure with his neighbor’s wife. Read here

Please find below the continuation:

I have sincerely tried to avoid Mrs Enahoro so as not to be floored by her beauty and seductive eyes but she seems to be able to read my mind. I told myself over and over again that I would have nothing to do with her for any reason whatsoever. Believe me, she is an epitome of beauty however, I no want wahala.

In the few month they had been around, I noticed that she was always home and never went to work. I also noticed that her husband most times kept late nights. He is also a heavy drinker who sometimes gets home drunk. A few times I heard them argue but wetin concern agbero with overload? There was a particular morning when he came home around 1am. She had locked the door that he couldn’t enter and she swore not to open it. He so banged the door that I had to come out to plead with her to open because Dude was too wasted to even talk. A few shouts and increased voice levels between them.
There was this morning; I needed to get something in my car so I dashed downstairs. There she was cleaning her car. I greeted her and she responded. After I got what I needed, I decided to help her. This was when I asked for trouble………

We chatted the whole time I cleaned her car. We just talked generally here and there. Life, family and all. She also told me some personal things and about how she was enduring a lot. How her hubby is such a jerk. How uncaring and irresponsible he was. She told me of how she had aborted for him during courtship that she can no longer bear her own kids. She told me about how he impregnated his friend’s sister and now has 2 kids for him.

She even told me she no longer enjoys sex with him. On hearing that, I swallowed some saliva and wondered why she was telling me all these. She told me she stopped working because one of her Directors wanted to have a relationship with her but she refused and he, in turn, refused her promotion and swore she will never make headway on the job even though she was diligent at it. She eventually threw in the towel when her subordinate, who decided to play ball, was made her boss. Her husband had no issues with her resignation. She wanted to start a boutique but decided to take her time. When I checked my time, I realized we had chatted for almost 2 hrs. I must admit it was fun.

She then begged me to help her carry the bag of rice she had in her boot to the house. Well, without thinking, I loaded the heavy bag on my shoulder and marched upstairs with her in tow. When I got to the door, she quickly came to the front to open the door. While trying to move for her, my right arm brushed her breasts…..My God ….they were soft. I felt my heart skipping a beat. She then opened the door and walked in front of me. I couldn’t but notice her swerving hips swinging from left to right. Her well rounded ass was doing a good job on me. I did not know when she turned and pointed to the kitchen for me to drop the bag of rice. I could feel my bulge but I thought it was nothing. She noticed I was sweating so she advised I sat down to cool off and have a drink. Well, nothing bad with a drink I thought.

While she was in the kitchen, I adjusted myself and sat down. She then came back with fruit juice and two glass cups. I pulled the stool beside me for the glasses to be placed on. As she bent down to pour the drink, I became organically disoriented. Remember those breasts I earlier said were personally grafted by God? Yes they were. I practically saw them dangling in front of me, screaming my name for help! As she poured the drink into the glasses and moved from side to side, her very ripe melons were singing and dancing Azonto. My chairman down there was about to start dancing too when she stood straight, looked at me and said, ‘John, Please don’t be shy here. You are not a stranger’.

Shy ke? If only she knew.
She sat down beside me and started to sip her drink while I pretended to do same. She then asked me to tell her about myself, which I did. As we were taking, she looked at me straight in the eyes. I pretended I did not notice so I just continued to talk. All of a sudden, she pulled me towards her and started to kiss me. I was quite surprised but as a Lagos boy, I responded. I drew closer to her and started to kiss her passionately. We kissed for almost ten minutes. She then got up, sat on my legs and continued to kiss me. This time, I had access to her breasts. As I fondled with them, the nipples became so hard that I could feel them through her bra and blouse.

We kissed like we were lovers, hands rubbing all over. I carried her from my laps, laid her down on the couch and continued to kiss her even more passionately. I then moved my mouth to her neck. She moaned as I caressed it with my tongue and lips. I could hear her moan. She was calling my name. I removed my shirt, flung it somewhere and then removed my blue jeans, leaving my boxers shorts. From her neck, I made my way to her chest and to her well shaped twins. My God! There were really as soft as I imagined. I gently removed her blouse. I noticed her eyes were closed. I made for her bra and unhooked it.

As I removed it, she said, ‘John, I am all yours’. Well, with those words of encouragement, I dug my head into her chest. While my head was doing its work on her twins, I tried to move my hand to her stomach with the intention of getting to her gold mine. At this point, she was in Eldorado. She was both moaning and gasping for breath. She held me tight to herself and was begging me not to stop. Of course I won’t stop. Even if I wanted to, Mr Chairman down there was already fully awake. I reached down with my hand, suddenly there was a loud bang on the door…………………

To be concluded in few days
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