Home World New Awesome Innovation: A Self-Driving Tractor For Farmers [See Photos]

New Awesome Innovation: A Self-Driving Tractor For Farmers [See Photos]



An autonomous robot tractor developed by CNH Industrial that can be programmed using a tablet computer.

The tractor that can plant seeds, harvest crops among other things, has no cabin for a driver. It uses cameras, radar, and GPS, which allows farmers to remotely control and monitor the machine with an app on a tablet computer.

The farmer gives the command and the autonomous tractor drives from the parking area to the field to commence its agricultural duties without any further human intervention.

The tractor boasts of 419-horsepower engine with a maximum speed of 31 mph (50 km/hr). However it is not known how much it costs to build the tractor, or its intended retail price according to Gizmodo


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Source: CCTV Africa

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