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Nigeria: 5 Important things Biafra agitators should learn from Sudan [MUST READ]


I want to tell my fellow Nigerians a story. There was a country called Sudan, in that country they had a huge land mass and lots of oil which was situated in the south. The South started agitating for their own country because they felt marginalised by the north or were actually marginalised. Instead of them to use their oil to get what they deserved from the north or hold their territorial leaders accountable for not representing well, they decided to fight for self actualization, that is their own country.

In the chaos, there arose a warlord who went to war with the north. He had a lot of support from foreign govts because of the oil and a lot of support from film stars like George Clooney because of the human rights abuses.
This went on for some years and finally they got Their own country which is supposed to be the richest black African country and this country was called South Sudan.

You will think they’ve finally found Utopia but no, they are worse off than when they were in Sudan… Do you ask why? here are a few reasons

1. They had territorial leaders who should have fought for them to get more from the nation of Sudan but instead they were lining their pockets.

2. They did not care that these leaders were not developing their region because they were more concentrated on their common enemy the North.

3. They didn’t care that this warlord had no discernible leadership skill, never tried to build a road, school or even a makeshift clinic.

4. This warlord never told them how he planned to make South Sudan great apart from the rhetoric and grandstanding against the govt of the day.

5. There were atrocities committed by The warlord but it was ok because he was fighting for them.
There are many more but you get my point.

Today that country is still very poor and the ppl are still refugees in other countries, because the warlord is fighting his deputy and spends most of their money on arms.

The people don’t have a common enemy anymore, so they realise their differences which is ethnic, religious, social and financial.

I can go on and on but I will stop here, a word they say is enough for the wise.

Ilemilu Mariam Peters.

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  1. Please go back and educate yourself about the history of Sudan before exposing your ignorance. You obviously know very little and what you claim to be lessons for Nigeria are just the rantings of a lazy man who could not even bother to google basic facts. Who is the leader of the South Sudanese struggle? Do you even know that basic fact? What a pity.


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