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Nigeria: President Buhari has gained substantial momentum in the fight against “Boko-haram”


This is just a war on Boko-haram foot soldiers. I am a hardcore player of chess, I will tell you we are all piece on the board. So what piece are you? Pawn? Knight? Queen? Buhari is a piece in it and he knows it. He is serving his purpose, at the mercy of the player or puppeteer.

Again, I will like to point it out that Buhari is fighting boko-haram. He is not fighting insurgency. Has anyone sat and think about the whole insurgency plaguing the nation? Have we done any assessment of war on Boko-haram? Are we really fighting insurgency?

1. Nigerian army is fighting foot soldiers of Boko-haram. What about their sponsors? Boko-haram machinery and weaponry is so complex that an ordinary alimanjiri can plan, coordinate, acquire and execute. Accepted boko-haram attack-ability are now degraded. What about those who made it possible to acquire their status. Past and Present governments are doing a systemic cover-up. Boko-haram sponsors are not ghost.

2. Here comes Avengers and co. Buhari has not taken any strategic step (be it diplomatic or Military) to stop them. The madness is spreading to south west now. God forbid other escalations.

3. Fulani herdsmen are operating freely all over the country. Buhari government does not even recognize them as terrorists. There is massacre going on in Benue state. Last week the military deployed troops to Zamfara. Excuse me, what is going on in Zamfara that the rest of the world is not aware of? Is Zamafara situation more critical than Benue state?

I am a diehard supporter of Buhari, however, I will tell you that his body language suggests the situation is above him (Just like GEJ).
Nigeria is a victim of international politics. If sponsors of Boko-haram are untouchable, who are they? Nigerians? Foreign secret societies?

The USA claimed Nigeria will break up in 2015. Nigerians are set of resilient and religious people. If not, Nigeria project should be dead by now. However, these forces are still making sure we don’t have peace.
I am yet to agree that a man can wake up, carry a gun, and start shooting a whole village just because he wants to feed his cattle. It does not make sense.

Actually many things are not adding up in this country, even if you try to justify why boko-haram are attacking the masses. Ask boko-haram what they want; they don’t know what they want. They just want to kill people.
The same can be said of a grown up man bombing oil pipelines causing environmental degradation for his people and himself, degrading electricity, exposing his people to war.

It is so unfortunate that we are all fixated on Danzuki gate. Our attention is diverted from the real issue. Our thinking faculty has been blindfolded. Nigerians don’t reason well beyond tribal politics. This is a political end game. The “King-piece” in a chess. The king is the prize of a chess. This is a control mechanism used by the world powers, globalist, new world order, illuminatis.

Why do they need insurgency in Nigeria.

1. They cannot bear to see an African country becomes a world power on their own without the help of white people like South Africa.

2. They believe Africans are low humans and should not be capable of doing good things. They refer to Africa as Dark Continent. A science research zone where they can come and test their new virus and new medicines.

3. Libya was a great country. Oil was close to free for the masses. Free welfare for citizens. In fact the best place to be on earth. They had to go to Libya and kill Ghadafi, destroy every good things. Libya is now another Afganistan. A base of poverty, hunger and disease. This is what they do to create cheap labor. They destabilize countries to create refuges which will be imported to America and Europe. These refugees are cheap labor. Very good, effective and legal modern day slavery. Wars in the middle east has given birth to not less than 2 million refugees who are now in Europe and America. They are undocumented, so they can be hired to do menial jobs. They have no right to question their host. Wait a minute, do you think Germany is accepting Syrian refugee out of goodwill? Please don’t say yes.

4. Oil price control. If they continue blowing up pipelines in Nigeria, it’s good news for other oil producing countries. It means oil price will increase in world market, Americans and their Saudi friends gain more money.

Why do they need all of these?

They need to ensure all humans are accountable to them one way or the order. Either through bank transactions and biodata, social media, war and hunger, world policing, tribal and sexual discord, you can add to the list.
The world is an investment of few set of families. Some people claimed they are 8 families. I don’t know, but whoever they are, they own everything. They are the rulers of the world. They own us.

Don’t forget, they are in turn accountable to the grandmaster. You know his name. I don’t want to glorify him by mentioning his name.

Akinyemi S Segun
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